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TFC history

T.F.C. was founded in 2004. It is an independent firm involved in intra-company IT training and Linux environment engineering consulting for databases and web technologies. Its computer courses are aimed at large companies, consulting firms, small and medium businesses and administrations. Short one-day training sessions are carried out with staff of small/medium businesses. These can be provided over two to three days, allowing for the transfer of competence in the form of mini training.

Ours services

Formations & stages en entreprise

Customized intra-company courses

T.F.C. can quickly put together a training program suitable for your staff profile and the goals you have defined for a team or a wider business population.

Notre démarche est rigoureuse

Rigorous approach

A preliminary analysis is carried out with the trainer, investigating the company's goals in order to determine appropriate training for the people responsible for implementing them. A proposal incorporates all the elements identified and defines the program and the practical arrangements for its organization (date, place, equipment...). Logistical coordination is established along with an evaluation process and follow-up training.
T.F.C. trainers all have the experience and expertise to identify your training needs.

Tout est adapté à vos besoins

Adapt the content of your training

The needs analysis allows us to develop a detailed training program corresponding to your goals.
Intra-company training fits with your company's culture, its way of functioning and your software and hardware environments. It also takes into account the issues of your project: results to be achieved, deadlines...

Engineering needs ?

Projets web metiers

Full Stack Web engineering

T.F.C. conducts turnkey professional web projects. The company can develop a web applications package according to the specifications and analysis of customer business requirements.
Serving small and micro businesses, T.F.C. creates custom websites according to the industry, customers' needs and working methods.
T.F.C. applies the current development standards to its services.

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